Reflection sometimes sounds like a luxury we can’t afford. But the truth is, without reflection, we are more likely to focus our attention on the urgent. And what’s urgent isn’t necessarily what’s important.

If you want to purposefully invest your life, reflection is a must. Here are three tools to help you get started.


Understanding the past is essential to wise future planning. It reveals the choices that brought you closer to God and what matters most…and those that drew you away. That’s why incorporating year-end or season-end planning into your life is beneficial.

As Emily P. Freeman wrote, “When we stand at the finish line of one season and the starting line of the next, what we normally do is race into the next season without considering the one we just moved through. That’s understandable, but it could be costing us something…” 

Don’t miss out on what God could teach you through the past. Try our End of Summer Review to gain insights that you can take into planning or tweaking the fall.  


When we talk about rhythms around here, we’re pinpointing things that help you love God, love others, and love yourself. You never really achieve those things. You live them out. They’re less about doing and more about being.

But how do you really unpack who you want to be? You need to reflect. Check out our Fall Rhythm Setting Guide for questions that can help you build a meaningful rhythm.


Go-getter girls like us probably don’t need a lot of help identifying goals we want to pursue. But we do need help making our ambition more God-centered. Our Fall Goal Setting Guide includes a variety of reflective questions to help you choose goals with God and who he wants you to be in mind.