Revisit your LIFE RHYTHM, MONTHLY FOCUS PLAN, and other priorities so that you can build your week around what matters most.

How to Use the Weekly Planning Strategy

The Ultimate Weekly Planning Strategy is a tool we’ve created to help you maximize the different parts of your Abide & Focus Planner. Click the button to download it, then follow these steps.


Schedule a time each week to plan for the upcoming week. We encourage you to make it a reoccurring appointment with yourself!


Follow the 6 Steps in our WEEKLY PLANNING STRATEGY guide.


The plan is just a starting point. So, add steps, remove steps, or revamp it to make it work for you!


layout of Christian planner weekly calendar

1 GOD’S TRUTH: Write a Bible verse or message from a sermon or devotional that you want to remember during the week.

2 CALENDAR: Create your daily plans. You can schedule by the hour, use time blocking, or write out a to-do list. It’s your planner, so use the method that works best for you!

3 PRAYERS: Keep a list of people or things you want to pray for each week.

4 GOD EVERYDAY: Plan spiritual habits in advance; or track gratitude, Bible study progress, etc. at the end of each day.

5 WEEKLY GOALS: Break monthly goals into small pieces or list small, independent goals for the week.

6 WILD CARD: Free space for you to meal plan, set a daily priority, or track something in detail such as miles run, etc.

7 NOTES: Space for thoughts, planning, or any-time to-do items.

8 DAILY HABITS: Track rhythms or other habits you want to practice multiple times per week.