A life rhythm is a set of regular, repeated actions you take to stay God-centered. It helps you love God, love others, and love yourself well.

Create a Life Rhythm for Each Season

When you create a life rhythm, you choose to make abiding in Jesus and loving like Him a lifestyle. 
But life constantly changes. Your capacity, time commitments, opportunities, and responsibilities vary each season . So, our planner helps you build and edit your life rhythm. That way, it compliments each unique season of your year.

How to Build a Life Rhythm


Complete the “Discover Life Rhythms” worksheets in Section 1 of your planner.


Find a blank “Life Rhythm” worksheet in
Section 2 of your planner. Choose a time frame for your rhythm. Write it on the line at the top of the page.
(see samples below for ideas)


Begin drafting your rhythm for the season.
Start small! You can add more habits after you master one or two.

Sample Life Rhythm Worksheets

See how you can use life events or the calendar to create a time frame for your rhythm.
Also, notice our ideas for actually recording your rhythm.

Start small, even if it’s embarrasing. Focused, steady progress is best!

Try color. In this example, red is for spiritual habits, green is for relational habits, and blue is for self-care habits.

Try numbers. Here, the numbers represent the order in which each habit is added to a weekly spread. 

Try a combo. Here’s my plan for Fall 2020. Since I’ve been building habits for a while, I have a more robust rhythm.

Stuck? See these Ideas


that connect you to God


to love others


to love yourself

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