Goals are things you set out to achieve. Your goals honor God when they align with His call on your life, are motivated by things He loves, and don’t complete with His priorities.

Goal Setting: Annual vs. Seasonal

Research reveals it’s easier to achieve goals when you focus on a small number of them, over a shorter period of time. That’s why FAITHFUL FIRST Planners and Journals are designed for seasonal goal setting.

To begin goal setting, decide how you’ll divide your year. Our goal journal is already set for a 3-month quarter. Weekly planner users can also use quarters, or personalize their seasons using:

  • the academic year (fall term, spring term, and summer).
  • major life events (i.e. new baby coming, career change, major move).
  • work seasons (peak vs. off peak).
  • or any other natural rhythms for your life.

Once you know how you’ll divide the year (or at least mark your first season), you can follow the steps outlined below.

And don’t worry…there is still an ANNUAL GOALS worksheet in our weekly planners and some of our printables. You can use it to:

  • set goal for the year and then break them into smaller pieces each season.
  • retroactively track the goals you’ve accomplished during the year.

STEP 1: Choose God-Honoring Goals

Complete your planner or journal PRE-WORK to brainstorm, then prayerfully select the goals you’ll pursue this season.  This article can help if you need additional support.

God promises to answer us when we seek him (Matthew 7:7-8, James 1:5). So pray as you plan and pray as you pursue. God will show you what matters.


Christian goal planning page

STEP 2: Map Out Your Goals

Our Christian planners and goal journals have space for you to map out your goals for the quarter (or other time frame of your choice).  Here’s what they look like, and some ideas for using the space.

Christian goal journal layout

#1: In our weekly planner, you can set quarterly goals, or choose a unique season that fits your life. For example, you may choose the fall semester at school. You can also use this space to list a word or theme for the season.

#2:  There is space to list up to 6 goals. You can write out all your goals at once, or list one at a time. Do whatever will help you stay focused and prevent overwhelm. If you write multiple goals, you can color-code them by priority or life category (i.e. spirituality, health, home).

#3:  Our weekly planner has free space! There are some many ways to use this space: write a prayer, list routines, outline first steps for your goals, list a verse for the season….the options are endless!

STEP 3: Stick with Your Goals

Check out these blog posts for strategies to achieve the goals you’ve set this season.

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