Complete this worksheet at the beginning of each month to connect with God and set your key priorities.

How to Create a Monthly Plan

The Monthly Plan encourages you to set aside time at the beginning of each month to set priorities with God in mind.
Follow these steps and watch the video below (coming November 2020) for help creating a monthly plan.


Take a moment to be still with God and ask him to guide you in setting priorities. Write your prayer or resulting thoughts in the “My Prayer to Start the Month” box.


Reflect on your prayer time and seasonal goals/rhythms. Based on this, ask, “What smaller goals or projects should I prioritize this month?” Write them on your monthly plan.


Identify habits that will help you stay focused and write them in the “Other Habits/Actions” section. 


Think about projects, other goals, or non-essentials that could distract you this month. List them in the what “I Need to Say No To…” box.

Sample Monthly Plan