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Today, we’re talking about prayer and praise. We’ve grouped them together because both involve communicating with God in some shape or form.

Ya’ll I’m going to be honest. Prayer sounds simple. But as I’ve learned about the various types of prayer that have been practiced over the centuries, I feel so inept to be a guide on the topic.

So, rather than try to single out different types of prayer, I’m highly recommending two resources I’ve found helpful in getting better acquainted with different types of prayer.

With that preface, let’s begin:



Taking deep pleasure in God and his blessings through various actions, including but not limited to sharing a meal, hosting an event, dancing, singing, worshiping, laughing, etc.

Celebration of Disciplines by Richard Foster
The Life-Giving Table by Sally Clarkson


Looking for and acknowledging God’s goodness and provision in our everyday lives. 

One Thousand Gifts by Ann Voskamp


To be attentive to God and dialogue with Him. There are various strategies for prayer, all of which exist to create patterns for connecting to God.

Spiritual Disciplines Handbook by Adele Ahlberg: This book describes 17 patterns for prayer that have been established over the centuries. It’s also a comprehensive resource on spiritual disciplines.

31 Day Prayer Challenge: This challenge was created by Val Marie Paper and is an excellent source to 31 approaches to prayer. It does require an email sign-up.


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