To cling to, remain in, or wait on something. 

As Christian women, God calls us to abide in Him, abide in love, and abide in good works.

Your Story… My Story… OUR Story

You want to put God first, love people well, and do what truly matters.  But your go-getter tendencies make it hard to tell your to-do list to wait. So, you often find yourself busy instead of peaceful, distracted instead of focused, and tired instead of refreshed.

Sound a little like you? Me too. Let me introduce myself.

Hi, I’m Karina.

 Wife, mom of 2, and the royal “we” behind
We Abide Together.

I love getting things done…but don’t want to elevate checking off boxes over God,  my family, or doing really important work.

So, I created the planner I needed. One that made being with and planning with God non-negotiable. What started as a tool for myself is now the ABIDE & FOCUS Planner.

And this year, I’ll be growing this website so that it’s full of tools and resources to keep you focused on what matters most.  Here’s where we’re headed…

We Want to Help You…



The most valuable thing we can do for today and eternity is be in relationship with God. We want to help you create a life that makes connecting with God a regular, natural part of your daily rhythm.


So many things feel important. But a cluttered mind and calendar will keep you from doing what’s important. We can help you name your priorities and eliminate distractions so  what’s essential fits into your full life. 

Enough About Us…Let’s Talk About Giving Back

We are free because of Jesus. And the Bible is clear: we aren’t supposed to use our freedom for ourselves. We’re to use it to love and serve others (Galatians 5:13-14).

We Abide Together takes this call seriously. That’s why we give back. A percentage of the profits from our 2021 planner sales will go to Brave Global. This organization invites God’s people to join it in empowering vulnerable girls around the globe.

We also donate 100% of money we earn from affiliate links on this website.