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A FREE, 5-Lesson Devotional Workbook for Christian Women Who Want to Establish Lasting Faith & Life Habits

If you’re reading this page, I bet you have a goal or two you’d like to reach.
But, what does it really take to make lasting, positive change?

It takes more than motivation…
because that usually fizzles.

And it takes more than plans…
because those are easily forgotten when life get a little crazy.

So what’s else is there?
Change takes regular, consistent action. The kind that slowly, but steadily moves you toward your desired outcome.
In other words…

Lasting, positive change takes intentional habits.
So, let’s build those.

  Get our Make Your Habits Stick

Commit 15 minutes each day, and we’ll equip you with Scripture and practices to begin building
1-2 new habits with staying power.

This Devotional is for You, if You:


know the habits or goals you'd like to pursue, but aren't sure how to get started.


would like to improve your ability to stick with new habits.


want to apply Scripture and really root yourself in God as you build new habits.


want to learn a habit building framework that applies to almost any goal or lifestyle change you choose to make.

Meet the Devotional Creator

Hi, I’m Karina Dusenbury.

Christian…Wife…Mom…productivity super nerd…and We Abide Together Founder.

I love achieving goals and getting things done. So, I have to work to keep God and people I love the ultimate priority. (Anyone else’s to-do list seem to scream at them sometimes?)

That’s why I love to study the Bible for help setting Godly priorities.
And, I find it super fun (and yes, it’s a little nerdy) to take productivity, goal setting, and habit research and use it to develop a more spiritually grounded life. Yep, if God created it, he can use it for his glory! 

So, this study is simply me sharing Scripture and habit research to help you live out your God-given priorities. 

You can make real change…with God, taking one step at a time!


Our misison is simple:

We exist to point you to God, then equip you with the SKILLS and TOOLs to
focus on what He says matters.


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