Taking time to reflect can sound like a luxury we can’t afford. But without reflection, it’s hard to live intentionally.

We want to help you walk with God and do what matters. So, we’ve created a workbook that can help you reflect on your spiritual life and find ways to better connect with God.


Spiritual habits are simply repeated actions we take to align our hearts and mind with God. Some require us to be active like Bible study and memorization. Others require us to simply be, like silence and solitude. 

Sometimes it’s hard to know exactly what your soul needs. That’s why we’ve created the Spiritual Habits Builder workbook. It will help you assess your life so you can identify spiritual needs to bring to God through different habits.

Once you’ve determined the habit you’d like to build, the workbook then helps you set a plan to implement and stick with the habit. Just like any habit, building spiritual habits takes time. So we want to help slowly but steadily make connecting with God a natural part of each day. 

If you’d like a copy of our workbook, just complete the box below. 


These free tools are great for getting started. But if you want more, check out our shop.

Our FAITHFUL FIRST planners and goal setting journals are designed to help you bring God into your planning and daily activities so that you can live more God-centered.

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