Taking time to reflect can sound like a luxury we can’t afford. But without reflection, it’s hard to live intentionally.

We want to help you walk with God and do what matters. So, we’ve created two self-assessment tools to help you reflect and make intentional plans toward these goals.


If you want to plan well in the future, you need to understand the past. Reflecting on your recent past can help you identify choices that brought you closer to God and your goals…and ones that steered you away. Instead of waiting till the end of the year to reflect, we want to help you complete an End of Season Review.

Emily P. Freeman says, “When we stand at the finish line of one season and the starting line of the next, what we normally do is race into the next season without considering the one we just moved through. That’s understandable, but it could be costing us something…”

In this case, racing into the next season costs you the chance to plan next season more wisely.

Don’t miss out on what God could teach you through the past. Check out our End of Season Review. Use it to plan smarter in the next season of the year, or season of life.


If you haven’t already picked up on it, we’re BIG on spiritual habits around here. So, our Spiritual Habits Builder begins with self-assessment.

It will help you reflect on your relationship with God, season of life, and overall well-being. That way, you can discover the spiritual practices that are most likely to resonate with you at this point in time.

The most important things we can do are know God and grow more like Jesus. Spiritual habits are the tools that get us there.

Use the box below, and we’ll email you a copy of this tool:


These free tools are great for getting started. But if you want more, check out our in-depth intentional living tools.

The Abide & Focus Planner is our signature tool for setting purposeful spiritual rhythms, goals, and routines; and then living them out.

And brand new in Fall 2021 is our Spiritual Habits Journal. We can’t wait to share more about it with you this summer.

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