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Have you ever reached the end of a crazy busy day and said, “What did I Actually get done?”

Well today, I’m going to help you overcome this. I’m sharing my 3-step strategy to ditch your to-do list and be a more productive Christian woman.

We put God before strategy around here. So first, we’ll look in the book of Ephesians to see what it can teach us about time and time management.

Then, we’ll transform your to-do list with an approach that’s truly actionable.

Even better, I’m sharing a free copy of our Abide & Focus Christian Planner weekly spread so you can implement the strategy THIS week (see show mentions below).




Greek word for time: kairos

Scripture reference for today Ephesians 5:15-16

The Great Beyonce debate, summed up in one picture (no longer available from an Etsy seller)




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