These are daily, weekly, monthly, and seasonal habits that deepen your connection to God.

Put God first…

It sounds simple…but how? For centuries, Christians have done this by practicing different spiritual disciplines.

Spiritual disciplines are simply repeated habits that connect our hearts and minds to God. They give us the structure we need to seek God consistently in a fast-paced world.

But, “spiritual disciplines aren’t ends in themselves.” We don’t pursue them to be high-achieving, good Christian girls who have it all together.

We build spiritual habits to, “place ourselves before God so that He can transform us.”

Citations: Adele Calhoun & Robert Foster

Spiritual Disciplines 101

Spiritual disciplines aren’t as mysterious as they sound. Praying, reading your Bible, or telling God thanks are all examples of spiritual disciplines. So, here’s a simple strategy to make these habits a regular part of your week:


Choose a discipline.
(See resources below)


Decide how often you’ll practice it.


Schedule it in your planner.


Connect with God.

Get Started with Spiritual Disciplines

There are simply too many spiritual disciplines to list here. So, we’ve divided some commonly practices disciplines into four categories that you can explore. Click on the icon to view resources about each one.


Advancing God’s mission through relationships.


Regularly communicating with God.


Being transformed by knowing God’s word.


Connecting with God by creating quiet and margin in your life.

Recommended Books

We’re highlighting some of our favorite books on spiritual disciplines and development. As an Amazon affiliate, we earn a commission on purchases made through these links. 100% of our commission is donated to Brave Global.