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You asked for it and we’re delivering: more space to personalize your Abide & Focus Planner.

Beginning in 2023, your planner includes dot grid pages after each month-at a glance calendar. That’s 24 extra pages for you to customize.

Christian planner dot grid page

But there’s more!

We’ve also created the Abide & Focus Planner Bonus Pack. This is a set of PDF templates that you can print, cut, and paste to customize dot-grid pages or the inside of your planner cover.

Here are just a few of the templates you’ll find:

  • ¬†Daily Routines Map: a place to create a checklist for your morning and evening routines.
  • Goal Plan: a worksheet to outline the action steps you need to take and habits you need to practice to achieve one of your goals.
  • Sermon Notes: a two-page spread for recording highlights from weekly church sermons.
  • Perpetual Calendar: record birthdays, anniversaries, and other events that take place each year…all in one place.


1) Download your Bonus Planner Pack (when you buy a planner, we’ll email you the link to get your bonus pack).

2) Choose the templates you want to use.

3) Print your desired templates and use the guides to cut them to the size of your dot grid pages/inside cover.

4) Attach the template to your desired page using double sided tape, scrapbook photo stickers, or a glue stick.


Christian planner bonus pack

And there you go! A more personalized and functional planner to help you stay God-centered and focused on what matters.

We Abide Together email subscribers can get sample templates in our SUBSCRIBER LIBRARY (same content but 8.5 x 11 size). Just click the library link in the signature line of your last email from us. 

If you’re new to We Abide Together and want to check out the sample template, just enter your name and email address below.

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