Who We Are

Welcome to We Abide Together.

We are productivity-minded women who believe the most important thing we can do is
walk with God and do what matters…to Him.

Are you one of us? Then I hope you’ll stick around!

We create tools to help women like us:


Connect with God, Jesus, and
the Spirit (1 John 2:24 and 3:24) to grow
in love, truth, and obedience.


Set goals based on God’s leading. Then identify habits and action steps that bring these priorities to life.


Get equipped with skills and tools that
make it easier to live out
God-centered plans.

How We Do Business

We strive to follow God’s command to love him and others (Matthew 22:36-40).
So, we give back.

Today, we donate a portion of our goal journal sales to the Charlotte Rescue Mission’s Miracle on Cedar Street Project.
Click here to learn more about how this organization uses the Gospel to transform lives in Charlotte, NC.

As we grow, we plan to do more to financially support the Rescue Mission. We hope you fall in love with our products so that you too can be a part of our goal to transform lives through business.

How it All Started


Hi, I’m Karina.
Wife. Mom. And Creator of We Abide Together.

I’m also a task-master…goal setter…and information junkie (podcasts anyone?), who is known to overthink…overcomplicate…and overdo things.

I’ve used some great goal setting planners in the past. They helped me be more productive, but didn’t fix my real issue.  I still felt hurried and overwhelmed. I also knew in my heart that I wasn’t giving God and my family the priority they deserved.  

So, I decided to create my own tools. Ones that brought God blatantly and intentionally into my goals.  And know what happened? God turned my goal-setting on it’s head.

He started to show me that who I was becoming was more important than what I was accomplishing. I needed to root myself in Him and then just focus on what He said mattered. 

I’m still being sanctified in my views of work and goals. But this little planner company that originally wanted to give you a side of Jesus with your goal setting  is now fully committed to God-first living. God can and will transform you too!

If you feel you’ve found your people,  take a minute to check out these ways we want to support you:



Learn & Grow

Visit our blog for articles on spiritual growth, goal setting, Biblical thinking, and habit building.

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