Jesus said, “I give you PEACE, the kind of peace only I can give…
so don’t be worried or afraid.”

(John 14:27, CEV) 

As Christian women, we want to own this truth. So, our mission is simple.

We Abide Together equips productivity-minded women with tools and skills to live
in Jesus’s peace everyday.

Our Approach

 We find Jesus’s peace when we live God-centered and focus on what matters most. You do this by:


that make connecting with God a natural and
regular part of your day.


so that it’s shaped by God’s truth, 
not our culture’s values.

Want to get started? Here are a few resources:

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The She Behind We Abide Together

Hi, I’m Karina. Wife. Mom. And Creator of We Abide Together.

I’m a task-master. A goal setter. And I know how to get things done. 
I love these things about myself. But…

if I’m not careful, I can be task-focused instead of God and people focused, busy instead of intentional, and overwhelmed instead of peaceful. 

Can you relate? Then it’s time for an honest friend chat.

Daily, I struggle to keep God the main thing. I used to feel guilty about this. But every God-follower since the beginning of time has faced the same challenge. So guilt isn’t the answer. Learning to abide in him is.

Abiding is a lifestyle. One that I find is easier to build when we adopt habits that connect us to God and thinking that aligns with Biblical truth. So, all of the planners, journals, and online tools you’ll find here are grounded in those two things. 

It’s OK to be productivity-oriented…we just need to live it out God’s way.

Enough about Us…Let’s Give Back

We are free because of Jesus. And the Bible is clear: we aren’t supposed to use our freedom for ourselves. We’re to use it to love and serve others (Galatians 5:13-14).

We Abide Together takes this call seriously. That’s why we give back. A percentage of the profits from our 2021 planner sales go to Brave Global. This organization invites God’s people to join it in empowering vulnerable girls around the globe.

Shop Planners & Journals

Find the right planner or journal to help you live out your intention to walk with God and do what matters.
We offer paper and digital options.


Our 12-month, spiral-bound planner with a linen hard cover is shipped to your door.

20% of profits go to Brave Global


A 6-month planner (Jan-July 2021) that you can download and print at home.

30% of profits go to Brave Global


Our full 2021 Planner that you can download and print at home.

30% of profits go to Brave Global

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