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Adding relational habits to your life rhythm is a way to make sure you’re regularly connecting with and caring for the people who matter the most to you.

Remember, relational habits can be daily (or most days), weekly, monthly, quarterly, or annual things you do. My advice is to keep it simple if it’s daily or weekly. Leave bigger gestures for only a few timesĀ  a year. This will take the pressure of you, and make certain activities for fun and anticipated.

Here are some ideas of practices you could add to your rhythm. They’ve been categorized, but some can apply to any category.


  • Date night (with spouse, kid, or other relative)
  • Game night
  • Hug and kiss before you go or when you get home
  • Night time or morning cuddle
  • Time together with no technology interruptions
  • Cooking a favorite meal or dessert together
  • Taking a walk
  • Start a seasonal tradition: pumpkin picking, outdoor movie, going out for hot cocoa, etc.
  • Say something you love about them
  • Take on one of their regular chores once a week or month
  • Choose to let go of one thing of low importance that drives you crazy (I promise it takes practice and habit building to do this one!)
  • Practice saying I’m sorry sooner rather than later


  • Scheduled phone call
  • Dinner at a favorite restaurant
  • Coffee date
  • Get together for a workout
  • Watch their kids
  • Send an old fashioned letter of appreciation
  • Bring a freezer meal
  • Take a class together


  • Supervise kids playing together
  • Have them over for dinner (or store bought donuts and coffee)
  • Care for their pet or yard when they’re away
  • Bake them a special treat
  • Tell them something you appreciate about them


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