Self-care may sound like a trendy buzzword. But the truth is, unless we take care of ourselves spiritual, emotionally, physically, and mentally, we won’t have the capacity to love well.

So, self-care can breed love for God and others.

If you’re looking for ideas for how to take care of yourself that go beyond the typical massage…check out our ideas below. We originally planned to categorize these (physical, mental, etc). But our well-being in one area is connected to the other areas. So, here’s your motherload of a self-care list!

  • Take a nap (i.e. give yourself permission to rest)
  • Sign up for an exercise class
  • Schedule time for walks or other physical activity
  • Make time for doctor’s visits (i.e. annual exam, physical, dental cleanings, eye exams) 
  • Find a haircut that’s simple to care for and makes you feel good
  • Simplify or eliminate a physically chore that isn’t essential (do you really need to clean out the garage each season or sweep under the table every night?). Do something else you enjoy during this time instead.
  • Ask for help with a chore that others could easily take on 
  • Review your calendar and identify one or more things that you dread. Eliminate it, delegate it, or renegotiate it’s terms.
  • Reduce distractions by only using social media at scheduled times
  • Your mental energy begins to wane after 90-120 minutes. Schedule a little break after taxing activities to rest your brain.
  • Schedule a regular time to brain dump so you’re not carrying a to-do list in your head. Again, eliminate, delegate, and renegotiate for your mental health!
  • Make time to read a good book
  • Find a gifted Christian counselor to help you work through challenges you’re facing externally or internally
  • Plan a regular meeting with a friend in a location where you can both really open up about life
  • Reconnect with a hobby or activity you love, but haven’t done in a while. Make it a regular part of your week.


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